Customers using the Wisenet Mobile Application to connect with their recorders may need to re-activate their DDNS/P2P settings after upgrading the Firmware. Please follow the attached guide to complete this procedure.

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Premium Video Management Software


Wisenet SSM is a video management software that provides features for surveillance operation such as live monitoring, video recording and playback and event based monitoring.

It consists of server software and client software. Server software separated by function module like recording purpose server, video wall display purpose server and so on. Client software separated by operators like professional monitoring operator and security guard on field.

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Full Core Feature / 45 Days


Users are given a 45 days trial period before they can start activating their license. During the trial period, all features are available for use including recording. After the trial, Wisenet SSM will generate a warning message and only limited features will be available.





Searching mode options


Wisenet SSM provides 2 major types of advanced search mode for quick evidence retrieval.

  • Smart Search can search by virtual area and virtual line
  • Motion Search (and Thumbnail Search) can retrieve evidence within a very short period of time.

Easy Playback in Live Streaming & New Timeline

With Wisenet SSM’s user friendly interface, operators can playback recorded video during live streaming and easily control playback up to 32x as well as reverse playback. In addition, you can select a specific image for search. Wisenet SSM displays the events in the same area as thumbnails making it easier to carry out a detailed search.

Efficient monitoring through powerful event management

All event-related features such as event priority, event colouring, rule-based event action setup and real time event thumbnail display
enable more efficient monitoring. Wisenet SSM can also provide a separate event viewer window that provides real-time event logs
with a single channel preview.

  • Operators can monitor each event and add notes
  • Audio broadcasting is also available so that warnings can be issued in a dangerous event situations.


Complete Surveillance Software


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