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A Series - NDAA Compliant Camera and NVR Solutions

The A Series product line includes cost-effective camera and NVR solutions equipped
with the essential functionality security professionals demand.
Being affordable without sacrificing features makes it well suited to meet the needs of small to medium sized sites
such as retail, banking, and commercial locations.


The cameras are NDAA compliant, an indicator of strong cybersecurity and responsible design, as well as enabling them to be used in US federal agencies.
In Europe, many companies align with the NDAA standard to ensure they have trusted cybersecurity and design across their security systems.



A Series camera features

Fourteen camera models in the A Series range offer multiple uses for small and medium sites across retail, hospitality, and commercial premises. They come in dome, bullet, and flateye designs, at 4MP and 2MP resolutions, and are certified for outdoor use via IP66 rating. The cameras are complemented with A Series NVRs, that allow monitoring at up to 4K for an exceptional viewing experience.


WiseStream II + H.265 Compression
Reduce bandwidth and storage costs through efficient data transmission


LDC Lens Distortion Correction
Corrects video distortion when using wide-angle lenses


IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics)
Increases situational awareness and alerts operators to abnormal activities in real-time


120dB True WDR
Backlight compensation provides clear imaging under any lighting conditions


30fps, H.265 Codec
Smooth 30fps video transmission with H.265 compression technology


Hallway View 270° Rotation Support 
Supports vertical FoV for monitoring narrow scenes with 90°, 180°, and 270° rotation


4MP and 2MP camera resolution

The A Series camera line is available in 4MP and 2MP resolution with a variety of fixed and motorised varifocal lens options, producing a clear and crisp image no matter what your surveillance scenario requires.


120dB True WDR

True WDR backlight compensation optimises images captured in difficult lighting situations.


Realistic image reproduction with LDC

Lens distortion correction technology produces natural-looking images without the distortion often created by conventional camera designs equipped with wide-angle lenses.


Hallway view mode

By rotating the lens on A Series cameras by 90°, 180°, or 270°, a vertical field of view may be achieved to help better monitor long corridors or hallways.

Licence-free intelligent video analytics.

Efficient monitoring with no additional fees.

Hanwha Vision’s licence-free intelligent video analytics technology operates on the edge, alerting operators to abnormal activities in real time. This increase in situational awareness can help to prevent or minimise damage or harm during an event by prompting a rapid and efficient response.


Motion detection:
Triggers an event when motion is detected in a designated virtual zone


Tamper detection:
Triggers an event if the camera lens is covered or an unauthorised movement that changes the field of view is detected


Virtual line detection:
Triggers an alarm when objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual line or perimeter


Enter/exit detection:
Detection of objects entering or exiting a designated area


Defocus detection:
Triggers an event if loss of focus is detected (varies by model)

Affordable high-quality NVR solutions

A Series 4CH, 8CH, and 16CH NVRs support maximum camera resolutions of up to 8MP and H.265, H.264, and MJPEG codecs. The improved installation wizard and 4K resolution monitor output make system setup simple and monitoring crystal clear. Increased accessibility options include the use of P2P connections, the Wisenet Mobile application, and on PC or Mac with Wisenet Viewer CMS.


UHD Monitoring
4K HDMI Output


P2P Connection
Easily connect with QR code


Wisenet Viewer Compatible
Easy system monitoring on Windows or Mac PCs


Advanced compression technology


Wisenet Mobile App
Remote monitoring with Android or iOS devices


Power over ethernet


Seamless access across multiple devices

Users can access their A Series NVRs on PCs running Windows and macOS via Wisenet Viewer CMS and on Android and iOS devices using the Wisenet Mobile App.


Clear monitoring with 4K UHD output

UHD (Ultra-high-definition) HDMI support allows users to view clear and high quality images without loss of detail.


Simple and easy installation wizard

A Series NVRs walk users through the process of setting network, camera, and date and time settings using an easy and intuitive installation wizard.

A Series Camera Models

A Series NVR Models

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