Customers using the Wisenet Mobile Application to connect with their recorders may need to re-activate their DDNS/P2P settings after upgrading the Firmware. Please follow the attached guide to complete this procedure.

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NVR P2P Service Change

Notification in the change of P2P service for storage device products (NVR, DVR)

There will be a change in the service path of the P2P service for the following products.
For the customers in use of the P2P services, please refer to the following guidelines.

  • In case of updating the S/W of the listed products from a (v 4.x.x) version to the newest version (later than v 5.x.x)
  • For the purposes of maintaining the mobile P2P service, proceed to update the Wisenet mobile application to the newest version and reset the device

Please follow the guide to complete this procedure



Series Product
P Series PRN-6410DB4, PRN-6405DB4, PRN-6400DB4, PRN-6410B4, PRN-6405B4, PRN-6400B4, PRN-3210B4, PRN-3205B4, PRN-3200B4, PRN-3210B2, PRN-3205B2, PRN-3200B2, PRN-1610B2, PRN-1605B2, PRN-1600B2
X Series XRN-6410DB4, XRN-6410B4, XRN-6410RB2, XRN-6410B2, XRN-3210B4, XRN-3210RB2, XRN-3210B2, XRN-1620SB1, XRN-1620B2, XRN-820S, XRN-420S
Q Series QRN-430S

HRX-435, HRX-434