Hanwha Techwin Launches Wisenet Road AI Intelligent Traffic Management Solution

Road planners, traffic regulation enforcement authorities and police are now able to take advantage of AI technology to identify the make, model and colour of vehicles, as well as recognise car number plates.

The Wisenet Road AI edge-based solution which runs on-board selected Wisenet P series 4K cameras, uses AI video analytics to identify over 600 vehicle models manufactured across 70 brands.

Wisenet Road AI combines Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Make, Model, Colour Recognition (MMCR) technologies to provide local authorities and law enforcement agencies with data that can be used to accurately identify vehicles involved in traffic infringements.

With eyewitness accounts quite often being inaccurate or incomplete, and particularly so with regard to vehicle licence number plates, the ability to search for vehicles by make, model and colour is likely to be of great help to investigating teams when looking to find footage of a vehicle involved in an incident. Similarly, with criminals frequently swapping the licence number plates on vehicles in order to avoid ANPR identifying that they are stolen, police can use the make, model and colour search criteria to cross-reference against reports of stolen vehicles.

A smart search feature, which is used via the Wisenet Road AI’s intuitive graphical user interface, is supported by Wisenet WAVE, Wisenet SSM and other VMS from leading software developers such as Genetec and Milestone. As such, operators are able to quickly search recorded video for vehicles that may have been stolen or involved in an accident.

Wisenet Road AI

Key features

  • Wisenet Road AI is able to recognise most UK and mainland European number plates, as well as those on Canadian, US and Russian CIS vehicles.
  • Alert notifications are generated when vehicles on blacklists are detected, whilst access to car parks can be restricted to whitelisted vehicles.
  • Open API for integration.


Wisenet Road AI can also be used to conduct surveys to gain a greater understanding of road usage, with planners being able to take any trends into account when the widening of roads or the creation of new bus and cycle lanes are being considered. In this respect, the solution’s dashboard provides an overview of key statistics such as the number and type of vehicles, e.g. cars, buses and trucks, identified per day or week in pie chart and other display formats.

The 3 Wisenet P series cameras which support Wisenet Road AI are as follows:

  • PNV-A9081RLP dome camera: Coverage of 2 traffic lanes when vehicles are moving at up to 45mph (70km/h)
  • PNO-A9081RLP bullet camera: Coverage of 2 traffic lanes when vehicles are moving at up to 45mph (70km/hr)
  • PNB-A9001LP fixed camera: Coverage of 2 traffic lanes when vehicles are moving at up to 90mph (140km/h)


“Wisenet Road AI is an excellent example of how we are developing new, innovative solutions which deliver real-world practical benefits to users, whilst creating new business opportunities for system integrators and our business partners”, said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

“With highly accurate AI video analytics at the heart of this solution, system designers can rest assured their end-user clients will be able to take full advantage of the ultra-high resolution video captured by the 4K cameras”.